The Skateboardin’ Experience

Getting up on a skateboard for the first time can be wobbly to say the least. Putting your foot and weight on the board and feeling it move away from you gives a sensation like youre never going to get it.

Then you keep doing and you get better. Its that simple.

The way skateboarding works (a lot of other sports work the same way) is that there are a lot of people out there who can tell you exactly how to skateboard, how the board works and what youre supposed to do. The thing is, nothing anyone ever says actually makes you better at the skateboarding. Its all about practise and it relies on you actually trying and trying until you break something.

Fortunately, skateboarding is a sport where you can feel your progress as you get better. Whatever youre trying to do feels easier over time, wheather its trick-flips or just riding. When you actually nail a shove-it, land on your board and actually plant your feet, is just awesome. Pure accomplishment.

And then you have to do it again. Once is never enough.

Like going down your first hill and gaining speed is scary and fantastic at the the same time. That feeling in your stomach, not knowing if your going to fall or not with the rush that comes with it is priceless.

The thing is, once is never enough after all, so when youve done it, youve got to step up and do it again. Except you evolve it next time and do it faster, harder and better.

Skateboarding is all about building a run out of the tricks you know, the skills youve developed and then accomplishing it.

Ive always been a fan of skateboarding and Im glad Ive taken the time to learn how to do it. Its fun and I want to get better.



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