The Skydivin’ Experience

Skydiving is incredible, nohing short of absolutly gobsmacking.

The best way for me to describe it is by saying that I will never forget how the earth looked as I rushed towards it at 200 mph from 14.000 ft. The shape of the coast, how it curved around the ocean in a never ending embrace, stretching for miles. The way the ground seemed to go on and on from above. I realise just how huge Australia is at that moment.

It was grand.

Being scared was natural, as the door opened and I proped my legs out the door. I was dangling in the air for a couple of seconds, before my instructor pushed off and we fell.

I screamed hard, a giant silent woooo! against the earth. I couldnt hear myself because of the rushing air, but I just let everything out of me and lived the moment. Free falling is exactly like the air going past you, a rush.

The schute then released and we soared downards. I got to steer for a short while and that was exactly like a rollercoaster.

My reaction was: Oh shit! So good.

Landing was easy, thanks to my instructor and the ride back was welcomed. They gave me some candy, the sugar balancing out the rush and as I contemplated on the bus, it felt awesome!

I had just skydived and it was one of the best experiences of my life. Given the chance, I would do it again and I recommend anyone to do the same.

Its just fucking awesome!

Plus, I got a free beer for it.



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