The Backpackin’ Experience (…partly)

Being a backpacker means you leave for somewhere else… eventually and inevtiably.

Thats why youre backpacking. To meet people, see places and go on adventures. Its a fantastic journey, filled with unforgettable memories that broadens your horizon and envigorates your soul.

Its a fantastic trip that I wholeheartedly recommend anyone to go on, atleast once in a lifetime.

The trick is to either find a place that you can call homebase for awhile, or find something that can keep you going on the road. Like a big 4 wheel drive to fit you while traveling.

My homebase has been Mooloolaba Backpackers for a while now and I’ve managed to make a family here of sorts, great people to hang out and share adventures with.

Yesterday a lot of them left and today the hostel seems a little less full because of it. The people who are left are great and matter to me enormously. Now there are just less friends around.

Leaving sort of creeps up on you, like the way it takes a couple of days to get a full on cold. The symptoms start to show and then pow! you wake up sick.

You dont really talk about leaving, it gets brought up in conversation once then gets left there until the day comes, like no one wants to really acknowledge it.

Then the day comes. You wake up to a room full of backpacks and suitcases ready to go. Hugs are traded and best wishes are given. It was actually kind of tearful.

But you dont feel sad that people left, you feel happy for them. Theyre heading off to new adventures and places, to find another homebase or to head back home, with their backpacks full of memories and stories. Imagining how theyre getting on makes you happy. Keeping up with eachother isnt hard, thank god for technology, and since you know theyre great people, you know theyll lead a happy life.

And life goes on like that. New people come in and become part of the family. They get to experience the homebase you call your own and have adventures too. Eventually theyll aswell, not surprisingly.

But thats okay.

Its the backpacker way.



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