The Unloadin’ Fish Experience

I was on a boat and realised something underrated:

Moving 8700 kg of fish is heavy.

Yesterday I was tired as hell. Today my arms hurt like nothing else.

I got a job out of nowhere chugging fish out of a -40 degress Celcius cold storage on a boat to a conveyor belt. It took 5 hours and I got $80 out of it.

It was totally worth it, but  jesus christ was it heavy and cold!

Me and my friend got on the boat, put on some cold suits and just started working. In cold storage were walls of frozen fish that we were supposed to move up to a truck on a conveyor belt. There was nothing to do but start taking them up.

Within half an hour my hands were cold and every strand of hair visble on my face had turned white.

3 hours in we got a 20 minute break and coffee has never tasted as good as it did then. Warmth!

The last few boxes flew up and realief came on the way back.

Plus, I got a free coffee cup on the way back. I take that as both a joke and a symbol.

The whole thing was very cool.



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