The Mountain Climbin’ Experience

Staring up at the mountain you’re about to climb is in short: scary, aweinspiring and thrilling at the same time.

A group of us left the hostel early in the morning and drove down to the mountain, Mount Tibrogargan, which is part of the Glasshouse Mountains area. Its the second tallest one at 364 metres and looks like a hunched over gorilla. Driving and seeing it in the horizons made me speechless. I was actually going to climb that!

The start of the climb turned out to be the most breathtaking part, since we were all out of breath by the time we had to actually start climbing. We were going up the “easy” side, without rope. Just us and the cracks in the mountain to grab a hold of. Working our way up was incredibly thrilling and I could feel the drop behind me every single step I took.

Now I realise why you should never look down, its scary as hell! I hugged the mountain wall like my plush frog back home!

Everyone in the group made it up safely and confidently, free of incidents. The top was just amazing, watching Australia spread out beneath us like a panaroma picture.

The climbing down part was the most exciting part, since I was forced to do nothing but look down and watch where I put my feet.

That part was over pretty fast and I was back on the ground in no time. Looking back I realised: “Jesus Christ, I was just up there!”

Me finding out about the mountain and then actually going there happened in the span of a couple of hours and I am glad I did it. This unplanned journey made me feel like I conquered and braved something big, doing something I have never done before.

I felt good the rest of the day.



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