The Goon Pong Experience

Trying to control 20-something drunk people is tough.

The joy that comes after everything not going to hell and everyone having a great time, is worth it.

Goon Pong is basically Beer Pong but with goon (which is the greatest thing to happen to backpackers since $5 dollar pizza) and there was a tournament at Mooloolaba Backpackers this weekend. A lot of drinking, yelling and ballin’ was had, mixed in with the stickiness that comes with spilled goon.

By the way, goon is, for those not initiated in Australien ways, a 4 litre boxed wine-product. Not wine, but wine-product. Big difference that results in cheap prize, bad taste and an awesome hangover.

The tournament was a success thanks to the impeccable King of Goon (you know who you are) and Night Security.

Turns out, when in the company of friends, a night can turn out the farthest thing from chaos, even when dancing at the edge of it.

I appreciate that fact even more now.



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